How we use the data we collect

The Retford Majestic Theatre Company Ltd is committed to protecting you and your family's personal information when you are using any of our services. We want the services we provide to be safe and enjoyable environments for our audiences, customers and visitors. This Privacy Notice relates to our use of any personal information we collect from you via the following services:

In order to provide you with access to book tickets with us and stay in touch with us about what we're doing, we need to collect information about you.
This Privacy and Cookies Policy explains the following:

The Retford Majestic Theatre is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use your information in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal information, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. No website can be completely secure; if you have any concerns that your customer account could have been compromised, please get in touch straight away by contacting the Box Office 01777 706866.
Our website contains hyperlinks to websites owned and operated by third parties. These third party websites have their own privacy policies, and are also likely to use Cookies, and we therefore urge you to review them. They will govern the use of personal information you submit when visiting these websites, which may also be collected by Cookies. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk.

Who we are and who is collecting it?

The Retford Majestic Theatre Company Ltd is referred to throughout this document as "The Retford Majestic Theatre"
The Retford Majestic Theatre is a charity, Charity no. 1128939, Company no. 06823192.
We aim to be entirely upfront and open about the customer data that we use. Collecting this data makes it easy for you to book shows and events, keep up to date with our activities or supporting our continued future. We do not obtain any personal data that we think would be likely to cause individuals to object to or complain about, but we are always open to discuss with you any of the information we hold.
It is possible that The Retford Majestic Theatre may, from time to time, expand or reduce its business and this may involve the sale of certain divisions or the transfer of control of certain divisions to other parties. Data provided by Users will, where it is relevant to any division so transferred, be transferred along with that division and the new owner or newly controlling party will, under the terms of this Policy, be permitted to use the Data for the purposes for which it was supplied by you. In the event that any Data submitted by Users will be transferred in such a manner, you will be contacted in advance and informed of the changes. When contacted, you will be given the choice to have your Data deleted or withheld from the new owner or controller.

The information that we collect, process, hold and share

Why we collect and use this information

We use your data for these specific purposes, unless you ask us not to: 

How we collect and use this information

The Retford Majestic Theatre is the data controller for all the data we store.
·  We may use other services provided by other parties, but which do not adversely affect your rights on the terms of this notice. 
·  We do not use any services that include automated decision making of any significance to the individual. The consequences of being subjected to the automated profiling systems that we have in place is limited to specific marketing or fundraising campaigns directed at specific customer types based on their purchase and donation history or post code area. This will not override your marketing preferences which can be updated at any time within your customer account on the website or by contacting box office.

The legal basis on which we use this information

There are three legal bases under which we may process your data. 
Contract Purposes
When you make a purchase from us or make a donation to us, you are entering into a contract with us. In order to perform this contract we need to process and store your data.

Explicit Consent
When appropriate, we will ask you for your explicit consent before using your personal information in that specific situation. We will update your consent periodically. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time, and this can be done by contacting our Box Office: 01777 706866

Legitimate Business Interests
We collect and process your personal information for purposes that are in our legitimate organisational interests. We do this carefully, and in a way that we believe there is no overriding prejudice to you by using your personal information in this way. You have the right to object, amongst other rights explained later in this document. 

Not providing information

You may access certain areas of the website without providing any data at all. However, to use all services and systems available on the website you may be required to submit customer account information or other data.
You do not have to provide us with all the information we may ask you for. It is up to you.
Any information that we ask for other than those listed below is entirely voluntary. Not providing any of the voluntary information will not preclude you from any of the products or services we offer or effect you in any other way.
In order to book and pay for tickets, we only require:

All debit and credit card information is processed securely, and in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Storing this information

We store your personal data securely using suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure all and any customer data and personal information.  We will ensure that any third parties we use for processing your personal data do the same. We limit internal access to your personal data to only those who require it, and provide all our staff with Data Protection and Information Security training. We ensure that high standards of security and protection are met by abiding by our Data Protection Policies and Procedures, and these are governed by The Board of Directors.
Under the The Retford Majestic Theatre's Confidentiality Code of Conduct, all our staff are required to protect your information, and inform you of how your information will be used. This includes, in most circumstances, allowing you to decide if and how your information can be shared. Everyone working for The Retford Majestic Theatre is subject to the duty of confidentiality. Information provided in confidence will only be used for the purposes advised and consented to by the service user, unless it is required or permitted by the law.
Whenever your information is stored online, we have a data sharing agreement with the data processor which states the requirements of high level security for your personal data. Should there be a breach of this data, they are obliged to inform us immediately and we will then inform you if it is necessary under Data Protection guidance. It is your right to be informed.
When we do send you information, we do so securely and are committed to reporting any breaches of data during its transit. Whenever possible all information that identifies you will be removed.
We will not transfer, process or store your data anywhere that is outside of the European Economic Area.

Retention periods

We will only retain information for as long as necessary. Records are maintained in line with our retention schedule which determines the length of time records should be kept. We are bound by law to retain certain financial records, and these circumstances override our other retention periods. 
We will ask you to check and update your contact preferences periodically so that we know our database is up to date. You can withdraw your consent, or make changes to your contact preferences at any time.

When personal data is no longer required by the organisation, it is deleted or securely destroyed. 
You have the right to request we remove the information we store about you. Please contact us, and we will be happy to arrange this for you if you want us to. Any objections you make to any processing of your data will be stored against a record on our system so that we can comply with your request.

Who we share personal information with and how this will affect you

We do not sell any of your information for the purposes of marketing or fundraising. We do not share your personal information with third parties, unless you have given us specific consent to do so, or due to our obligations to comply with current legislation and bank transactions, or our duty to comply with a Court Order.
However, we do employ the services of other party's software and services in order to collect and store your personal information, for example we use Databox as our ticketing system software provider for booking tickets and creating customer accounts that can be accessed on our website. The providers of such services may have access to certain personal data provided by you. Any data used by such parties is used only to the extent required by them to perform the services that The Retford Majestic Theatre requests. Any use for other purposes is strictly prohibited within a data sharing agreement between us and the provider. Furthermore, any data that is processed by third parties must be processed within the terms of this policy and in accordance with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

Your rights

You have the right to:

The best person to contact regarding data protection at The Retford Majestic Theatre is Anne Exton, Box Office Director. Email: | Address: The Retford Majestic Theatre, Coronation Street, Retford, DN22 6DX Tel: 01777 706866

Right to lodge a complaint

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, we request that you raise your concern with us in the first instance. Alternatively, you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office at

How to access your personal information (Subject Access)

You have the right to see the information that The Retford Majestic Theatre holds about you, and why we hold it. You also have the right to rectify any inaccurate information we hold about you. Requests must be made in writing (not verbally). You will need to provide:

A request for information must be made with the appropriate person: Anne Exton, Box Office Director. Email: | Address: The Retford Majestic Theatre, Coronation Street, Retford, DN22 6DX Tel: 01777 706866
There is no fee for Subject Access Requests. The Retford Majestic Theatre reserves the right in certain situations to refuse the request, otherwise we will comply within one calendar month.
The request's response will cover the following detail;

A copy of the information comprising the data; and details of the source of the data