Shrek The Musical

1st - 3rd July 2021 7.30pm

Saturday Matinee 2.30pm



01777 706866

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Standard 15.00
Concessions 12.50
Box Seat + £2.00

Once Upon A Time, in a swamp far, far away lived a solitary green ogre. Shrek lives happily in splendid isolation, until one day, his peace is disturbed by the arrival of a group of homeless Fairytale Characters who have been evicted from their homes in Duloc by the cruel and Oh So vertically challenged Lord Farquaad. Shrek makes a deal with Lord Farquaad, if Shrek rescues the beautiful Princess Fiona from her tower he will get his swamp back. Shrek sets off on an adventure of a lifetime accompanied by his hapless friend Donkey to rescue the Princess. Come with us on his adventure as Shrek tackles a fire breathing Dragon, rescues the Princess from the tower and surprises himself by making friends along the way, in a world where good overcomes evil and true love wins through in the end. Packed with rousing musical numbers and a script full of humour and more than a bit of romance The MOB bring this modern day Fairy tale to life. A tale to be enjoyed by the young and old alike.

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